Make a bold statement with a luxury paver driveway and entryway.

Unique Handcrafted Design

Brick paver driveways create a beautiful handcrafted finish to any front entryway.

Brick pavers come in a variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes so all of our paver driveways are custom designed to fit your home’s aesthetic. We can also customize different design accents, such as pillars, stairs and borders, so your paver entryway is as unique as you are. 

We take our inspiration from the beautiful stonework of ancient Italy, where brick installations have stood firm for thousands of years. Stonework done well is the best investment you can make in your home. Our attention to detail, experience and pride in craftsmanship ensures a quality, long-lasting installation every time.

Proven Installation Techniques

Unlike stamped or colored concrete, brick pavers don’t crack in the Florida heat. This makes them a worthwhile investment for any home, but is especially important for homes with long or spacious driveways.

At Beleza, we invest the time and effort necessary to properly prepare the ground for installation. Many companies do not dig deep enough or compact the ground sufficiently to ensure the stability and durability of paver driveways. Because they will be used for vehicle traffic, paver driveways that stand the test of time need to have a solid base or the installation will fail.

Drainage is another often overlooked part of paver driveway installation. When installers ignore proper grading and slope, you could have areas of flooding or standing water that compromise the installation and your home.

All of our projects begin with a Design Consultation.

Paver Driveway FAQ

A paver driveway for a house with a 3-car garage usually takes 5-7 days to install. Longer or more complex driveway designs, such as circular driveways or entryways with additional paver features, can take 2-3 weeks to install.

We do our best to schedule installations as efficiently as possible so you can get your driveway back quickly. To ensure your driveway installation goes smoothly, we will not begin installation until your pavers have arrived at the project site.

A properly installed paver driveway should easily last 15 years or more before needing repair.

We believe that paver installations should stand the test of time. There are brick streets throughout Europe that were installed thousands of years ago. We take our lead from those great craftsmen.

Some of the features we can build into your paver entryway include:

  • Custom columns or pillars
  • Paver or wall block stairways
  • Paver lights
  • Circular driveways
  • Planter boxes & raised garden beds
  • Mow strips
  • Circle kits and other paver mosaics

The first step to good drainage in a paver installation is correct slope and grading. Our project manager will ensure that the ground is properly prepared and the optimal slope and grading are established throughout the installation.

You might also need additional drainage elements installed throughout the installation, such as pop up and french drains.

We also include sleeves in all of our installations that can be used to run water and/or electric cables under the driveway.

Most paver companies install approximately 4 inches of compacted road base under their driveway installations. While that is sufficient for pedestrian areas, such as walkways and patios, that is not enough foundation to support vehicles.

We install a double foundation of approximately 8 inches of compacted road base. This deep and thorough ground preparation ensures that the installation will stand the test of time while being used for vehicle traffic.

We ensure that the road base is compacted to a minimum of 95% compaction on all of our installations.

Poorly compacted road base will lead to sinking or shifting pavers within a few years. While some paver companies will “repair” these areas, there is no way to provide a long-lasting solution to foundation issues at the base of an installation.

All paver driveway installations need a licensed contractor to pull a permit from the appropriate county and/or city.

Beleza will send you a Notice of Commencement for you to notarize after you sign the contract and we will request a survey of your home. With these documents, we will pull the permit from the appropriate building department.

Some building departments process permits in as little as 7 days, others can take 45 to 60 days.

We will begin the permitting process as soon as we receive your Notice of Commencement and survey. We always request an estimated time for approval from the building department, which we convey to our clients.

Unfortunately, there is nothing Beleza can do to speed up the permitting process. However, we will be in communication about any updates we receive so you know what to expect. As soon as your permit is approved and the pavers arrive on your property, we will schedule your project start date.

Beleza Design & Construction offers a 5 year warranty on our paver installations. If during that time, you notice issues due to craftsmanship, please contact us and we will send out a member of our team to make repairs.

We believe that full transparency is the best policy. Below, you will find a thorough look at our process from start to finish.

  1. All of our projects begin with a Design Consultation. You can schedule this yourself by clicking here or by calling the office at (727) 440-4480.
  2. We will send a Design Specialist to your home who will discuss design options and measure your project. We can often give a rough estimate at this consultation.
  3. We may follow up with a walk through with the Project Manager depending on the complexity of the project.
  4. We will send you a formal, itemized estimate within 48 hours of your Design Consultation. This estimate will include the estimated timeline for your project completion. We can also send renderings or mock-ups to show you what your project will look like when completed.
  5. Once you email us written confirmation of the estimate, we will email a formal contract for you to sign. This contract will include the itemized estimate you approved and a payment schedule. A deposit payment is due at contract closing. Payments will be due at the start, midway and closing of the project.
  6. Once we receive the signed contract and the first deposit, we will send over a Notice of Commencement to be notarized to start the permitting process. We will also need a recent survey of your home.
  7. We will apply for the necessary permits. Depending on the county and/or city we need to apply through, the permits can take up to 2 months to be approved. Some building departments have faster processing times than others.
  8. We will order the pavers and schedule delivery to your home.
  9. With your permission, a few days prior to your installation, we will schedule “before” pictures to be taken of your installation.
  10. The project will commence and we will collect the first payment. It is required you park your car outside of the driveway area and not drive through the installation area until work is completed.
  11. The existing driveway will be removed with a skid steer excavator and hauled off the property.
  12. The installation area will be excavated 10-12 inches deep on all driveway traffic areas and 6-8 inches deep on all pedestrian traffic areas. This allows us enough space for a double foundation of approx 8 inches of compacted road base for vehicle traffic and 4 inches of compacted road base for pedestrian traffic areas plus the pavers themselves.
  13. Install geotextile fabric between sub-grade and paver foundation. This important barrier prevents plant growth and ensures the road base will not mix with subsoil over time. This ensures the longevity of the installation over time.
  14. Install sleeves for future water and/or electric lines to be run under the driveway. If drainage is necessary, it will be addressed at this stage.
  15. Road base is installed. All road base to be compacted to a minimum of 95% compaction to ensure installation durability. Missing this critical step can lead to paver sinking or shifting.
  16. Install bedding sand and complete final grading. When this step is done, we collect the midway payment.
  17. Install pavers, including cuts for edges.
  18. All edges of installation on driveway will be reinforced with concrete rebar underneath edge pavers.
  19. Clean, sand and seal pavers.
  20. Project manager performs final walk through and collects final payment.
  21. With your permission, we will schedule “after” pictures to be taken of your installation. We would be happy to send you copies of these pictures.

Add the final touch of beauty to your home.