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The Perfect Floor Every Time

There are so many options available now for homeowners, finding the perfect floor to fit your home and lifestyle can be overwhelming. That’s why our Design Specialists will meet with you for a Design Consultation at the beginning of your project and help you determine the best floor for you.

As much as we pride ourselves on how to design for your space, what really sets us apart is our installation. Whether you choose wood look plank tile, luxury vinyl plank or large format tile, the most important thing is how it is laid in your home.

We ensure that the proper flooring is chosen for the space it will be, the flooring is started from the correct place in the house and the floor is properly prepared for a long-lasting installation.

All of our projects begin with a Design Consultation.

Choose the floor for your lifestyle.


Wood or Stone Look Tile

  • Designed to mimic natural wood or stone flooring
  • Can be installed with minimal grout joints
  • More moisture resistant than laminate flooring
  • Scratch resistant
  • Available in color combinations not found in natural wood or stone
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Typically less expensive than hardwood flooring or natural stone
  • Comes in rustic or modern finishes

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

  • Designed to mimic natural wood flooring or natural stone
  • Installed without grout joints
  • Moisture resistant options available
  • Available in color combinations not found in natural wood
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Typically less expensive than hardwood flooring or stone
  • Comes in rustic or modern finishes

Natural Stone

  • Classic aesthetic
  • Can be installed with no grout joints
  • Can be polished for a seamless look
  • Easy to stain
  • Often more expensive than hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl plank
  • Can require more cleaning and maintenance than tile and luxury vinyl plank
  • Lots of natural variation within stones depending on the quality purchased

Add the final touch of beauty to your home.

Flooring FAQ

The time it takes for a new flooring installation depends on the type of floor being installed, the existing flooring, spaces where flooring is being installed and the amount of flooring being installed.

If the existing floor is carpet, there is less time necessary for demolition. If the sub-floor is not level, we may require more time to prepare the floor to ensure quality installation. Luxury vinyl plank floor takes the least time to install, while natural stone floors take the longest. Obviously, the more flooring being installed, the longer the installation will take. Installing flooring in bathrooms and kitchens can take longer because more cuts may be required to get around small spaces and appliances need to be removed.

Because every job is a custom job, we cannot provide estimates on how long your project will take until your personalized design consultation. You will receive an estimated time of project completion with your formalized estimate after your design consultation. We do our best to schedule installations as efficiently as possible so you can get your home back quickly.

Some of the features we can build into your flooring installation include:

  • Custom baseboard options
  • Heated flooring in bathrooms
  • Little to no grout joints
  • Mosaic installations

We believe that full transparency is the best policy. Below, you will find a thorough look at our process from start to finish.

  1. All of our projects begin with a Design Consultation. You can schedule this yourself by clicking here or by calling the office at (727) 440-4480.
  2. We will send a Design Specialist to your home who will discuss design options and measure your project. We can often give a rough estimate at this consultation.
  3. We may follow up with a walk through with the Project Manager depending on the complexity of the project.
  4. We will send you a formal, itemized estimate within 48 hours of your Design Consultation. This estimate will include the estimated timeline for your project completion. We can also send renderings or mock-ups to show you what your project will look like when completed. 
  5. Once you email us written confirmation of the estimate, we will email a formal contract for you to sign. This contract will include the itemized estimate you approved and a payment schedule. A deposit payment is due at contract closing. Payments will be due at the start, midway and closing of the project.
  6. Once we receive the signed contract, we will collect the first deposit.
  7. We will order the material and schedule delivery to your home or you can order the material of your choice and schedule delivery to your home.
  8. With your permission, a few days prior to your installation, we will schedule “before” pictures to be taken of your installation.
  9. The project will commence and we will collect the first payment.
  10. Flooring will be installed according to type. LVP, tile and natural stone each have a different installation process. We will go over this in your design consultation so you know what to expect.
  11. Project manager performs final walk through and collects final payment.
  12. With your permission, we will schedule “after” pictures to be taken of your installation. We would be happy to send you copies of these pictures.